The Resource Field recordings, (electronic resource)

Field recordings, (electronic resource)

Field recordings
Field recordings
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Field recordings, (electronic resource)
Field recordings, (electronic resource)
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  • Vol. 1. Virginia, 1936-1941 (featuring John Williams, Willie Williams, J. Wilson, Lemuel Jones, etc.) -- v. 2. North & South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, 1926-1943 (featuring Robert Higgins, Rev. A.G. Holly, Banks, Bentley, Blake & Vosburg, etc.) -- v. 3. Mississippi, 1936-1942 (featuring Old train caller from New Orleans, Wash Dennis, Jeff Webb, etc.) -- v. 4. Mississippi & Alabama, 1934-1942 (featuring Frank Jordan, Jim Henry, Charlie "Big Charlie" Butler, etc.) -- v. 5. Louisiana, Texas, Bahamas, 1933-1940 (featuring an unidentified female singer (convict), Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly), Curtis Harton & group, etc.) -- v. 6. Texas, 1933-1958 (featuring Ernest Williams, James (Iron Head) Baker, Mose (Clear Rock) Platt, etc.) -- v. 7. Florida, 1935-1936 (featuring Roger Matthews, Booker T. Sapps, Gabriel Brown, etc.) -- v. 8. Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, 1934-1947 (featuring Wilbur Shaw, Oakdale Carrière, Jimmy Peters, etc.) v. 9. Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, 1924-1939 (featuring Georgia field hands, Hannah Bessellion, Belton Reese, etc.)-- v. 12. Virginia & South Carolina, 1936-1940 (featuring George Goram, Rollie Lee Johnson, Willie Williams, Clifton Wright, etc.) -- v. 13. Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Delaware, 1933-1943 (featuring Mose (Clear Rock) Platt, Jim Boyd, James (Iron-Head) Baker, etc.) -- v. 14. Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, 1934-c.1950 (featuring Bat and her quartet, Edwards' Luling Dixie Singers, Liberty High School Quartet, etc.) -- v. 15. Mississippi, 1941-1942 "Rock me, shake me"
  • Vol. 9: Boogie Lovin' --30 Days In Jail --Ding Dong Ring --Hard Times, Hard Times --Prison Bound Blues --Georgia Chain Gang --Shootin' Craps And Gamblin' --Mary Don't You Weep --Trouble Ain't Nothin' But A Good Man Feelin' Bad --Black Woman --Gonna Leave From Georgia --Pick And Shovel Captain --6 Months Ain't No Sentence --Down In The Chain Gang --Nobody Knows My Name --I Been Pickin' And Shovellin' --Heaven Is A Beautiful Place I Know --I've Got Another Building --We're Going To Break Bread Together On Our Knees --Rabbit In The Pea Patch --Run Sinner, And Hide Your Face (Run, Sinner, Run) --Bile Dem Cabbages Down --The McKenzie Case --If You Want To Make A Preacher Cuss --Never Let The Deal Go Down --Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane --Tomorrow --My Ohio Home --Happy I Am --Foldin' Bed
  • Vol. 8: Oh Dago --Catin Prie Done Pour Ton N?gre --Rockaway --S'En Aller Chez Moreau (English-French Ring Song) --Je Veux Me Marier (Afro-French Ring Song) --Blues De La Prison (French Negro Blues) --Lá-Bas Chez Moreau --Bonsoir Timon (Bye-Bye, Bonsoir Mes Parents) --Ta, Papa (Tous Les Samedis) --Come Up Horsey, Hey, Hey --You're Gonna Need My Help Someday --How'm I Doing It, Hey, Hey --I Got A Man In New Orleans --Today Is Monday (Everybody Happy) --I'm Runnin' Over The River --O John The Rabbit (Old John The Rabbit) --Rabbit --Mister Rabbit --Penitentiary Blues (Rickentiest Superintendent) --Go 'Way Devil Leave Me Alone (Part 1 & 2) --Rabbit On A Log --Make The Devil Leave Me Here --If There's Anybody Here Wants To Buy Some Cabbage --Shake 'Em On Down --Penitentiary Blues (Part 1 & 2) --Workhouse Blues --Dangerous Blues --Big Mac From Macamere --No Mo' Freedom --No Mo' Freedom --I Got A Man On The Wheeler (Levee Camp Blues) --Where Have You Been John Billy? --(The) Last Month Of The Year --Old Apple Tree In The Ground --Noah Built The Ark --Railroad Man --Oh Mr Dooley, Don't 'Rest Me --To Be Sho' (Hey Logan) --Susie Gal --Chariot Jubilee --Sometimes I Wonder --Bye Bye Baby
  • Vol. 7: The Train --The Fox And The Hounds --Alabama Blues - Part 2 --Uncle Bud (1&2) --Frankie And Albert (Cooney And Delia) --John Henry --Po' Laz'us (Every Mail Day; Muley On The Mountain) --I'm A Pilgrim --John Henry (-A) --John Henry (-B) --Casey Jones --Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On --Out In The Cold Again --Blues --Tone The Bell Easy --Motherless Child --Franky And Albert (Cooney And Delia) --Po' Boy, Long Ways From Home --A Dream Of Mine --Blues (I Ain't Got No Mama Now) (-1) --Blues (I Ain't Got No Mama Now) (-2) --What Did The Doodle-Bug Say To The Mole? --Education Blues --Careless Love --Uncle Bud --Prisoner Blues
  • Vol. 6: Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos --Go Down Old Hannah --Shorty George --The Grey Goose --Run, Nigger, Run --Barbara Allen --Old Rattler --That's All Right Baby --Long John --I Wonder What's The Matter --Hammer Ring --The Dallas Railway --Rabbit In De Garden --Mama Don't Low No Swingin' Out In Here --Long Hot Summer Days --My Pore Mother Keeps On Praying For Me --Smokey Mountain Blues --Ella Speed --Long Freight Train Blues --Desert Blues --Tie-Tamping Chant --Rail Unloading --Possum Was An Evil Thing --Come On Boys And Let's Go To Huntin' --Johnny Got A Meat Skin Laid Away --Old Baldy --Take It Away --Boll Weevil --After Hours Improvisation --This Old World Is In A Terrible Condition
  • Vol. 5: Shake, Shake Mattie --The Western Cowboy / Honey, Take A Whiff On Me / Angola Blues / Angola Blues / Frankie And Albert (119) --Irene / Take A Whiff On Me / You Cain' Lose Me, Cholly / Irene / Irene / Ella Speed (120) --Mr Tom Hughes Town (121-A) --I Got Up This Morning, Had To Get Up Soon (122-A-2) --Western Cowboy (122-B) --Blind Lemon Blues (123-A) --Matchbox Blues ("Hawaiian Blues") (123-B) --(Don't) The Moon Looks Pretty --Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés--Railroad Rag --Nobody's Business If I Do --Bully Of The Town --Old Hen Cackled And Rooster Laid An Egg --I Done Tole You --Irene --Boll Weevil --Wasn't That A Mighty Storm --The Man Of Calvary (Easter Service) --Roll 'Im On Down --Dig My Grave --Round The Bay Of Mexico --Bowline --Sail, Gal --Hallie Rock --Bimini Gal
  • Vol. 4: I'm Going To Leland --I Don't Mind The Weather If The Wind Don't Blow --Diamond Joe --Old Cold 'Taters --We're Goin' Around The Mountain --Sissy In The Barn --Little Rosie Lee --Old Lady Sittin' In The Dining Room --Little Sally Walker --All Around The Maypole --Ol' Uncle Rabbit --See-Lye Woman (Sea Lion) --Gwan Roun' Rabbit --Satisfy --It Ain't Gonna Rain No More --Boll Weevil --Railroad Bill --Tilas Mack --Stagolee --Spanish War --All The Friends I Got Is Gone --Goin' To War --Brady --Sun Going To Shine In My Door Some Day --Meridian Jail House --Didn't He Ramble? --Take A Whiff On Me --Kansas City --I'm Gwine To Texas --Steamboat Days (Steamboat-Loading Holler) --Ho, Boy, Caincha Line? (Lining Track) --Rosie --Knock Jim Booker To De Low Ground --Trouble So Hard --Choose Yo' Seat And Set Down --Handwriting On De Wall --Another Man Done Gone --Boll Weevil Blues --Down On Me --Certainly, Lord --Job, Job --Poor Little Johnny --Go To Sleep --All Hid
  • Vol. 3: Calling Trains --Lead Me To The Rock --Rosie (Big Leg Rosie) --Mississippi Sounding Calls (A-1) --Mississippi Sounding Calls (B-1) --Arwhoolie (Cornfield Holler) --Oh The Sun's Goin' Down And I Won't Be Here Long (Quittin' Time Song) / (Another) Quittin' Song --Mealtime Call --Heaving The Lead Line (Calls And Song To Pilot) --Little Girl, Little Girl --(Jes'A) Pullin' The Skiff --Shortenin' Bread --The Keghouse Blues --Interview: How Long (2 parts) --The Worried Life Blues --Interview: Fo' Day Blues --Unidentified Ragtime Tune --Walking Billy --Unidentified Ragtime Tune / Interview --Interview (1,2,3) --Corrina --Careless Love --Angel Child --The Carrier Railroad (The Carrier Line) --The Arkansas Traveller --The Devil's Dream --Leather Britches --Rice Straw --After The Ball Is Over --Soon In The Mornin'
  • Vol. 2: Prison Blues --Let's Go To Bury --Do You Call That Religion --Travelin' To That New Buryin' Ground --Look Down That Lonesome Road --Blackberries; Flowers --Deep Down In My Heart --Jesus Is My Only Friend --Finger Ring --Old Man Satan / Drive Old Satan Away --Glory To God My Son Come Home --Blow Boys Blow --Alabama Prison Blues --(Ain't) Nobody's Fault But Mine --John Henry --John Henry --Fandango --Salt Water Blues --Boll Weevil --Roosevelt And Hitler - Part 1 --Roosevelt And Hitler - Part 2 --Bottle It Up And Go --Blues - When Saints Come To Town --My Big Fat Hipted Mama --Smithy Rag --Jumpin' Judy --Track-Lining Song --Steel Laying Holler --Jumpin' Judy --Rock Island Line --It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad --Holy Babe - Part 1 & 2 --Joe De Grinder --John Henry
  • Vol. 15: The Boll Weevil --I Love My Jelly Roll --Holler --Interview --Holler --Interview --Hitler Toast --Rock Me, Shake Me --Witness For The Lord --I'm Goin' To Lean On The Lord --Done Taken My Lord Away --Rock, Daniel --Shout For Joy --You Got To Stand Your Test In Judgement --Low Down Your Chariot And Let Me Ride --Father, I Stretch My Hand To Thee --Interview --The Roguish Man ( Part 2) --The Roguish Man ( Part 1) --Interview And The Strayhorn Mob --The Boll Weevil --Interview And Tuning Of Four Hole Quills --So Soon I'll Be At Home
  • Vol. 14: Will You Guide Me? --Ain't That Good News? --It Keeps On Leakin' In This Old Building --How Did You Feel When You Come Out Of The Wilderness? --The Sun Didn't Shine Out On Yonder Mountain --The Holy Baby --Have You Any Time For Jesus --When The Moon Went Down And Vanished Away --I'm Looking For The Man That Don't Know Jesus --Travelin' Shoes --Forgive Me Lord, One More Time --Jonah --Good Evening Everybody --Golden Bells --Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around --John The Revelator --Twenty-Fifth Day Of December --When Was Jesus Born? --Now What A Time --What A Time --Heaven In My View --When The Roll Is Called In Heaven --Brother Moses --New Jerusalem --I Want Somewhere To Lay My Head --He Knows How Much We Can Bear
  • Vol. 13: Dat's All Right Honey --If I Get My Ticket, Lord --Pick A Bale O' Cotton --Little John Henry --Wake Up, Sleepy --Track-Laying Holler --Track-Calling --Golden Slipper --My Record Will Be There --My Lord, What A Morning --Oh! Noah! --Traveling Shoes --Adam And Eve, It's Fire Down There --Seal Up Your Book, John --There's A Great Camp Meeting --Daniel Saw The Stone - Part 1 --Daniel Saw The Stone - Part 2 --No More, My Lord --Wasn't I Lucky? --Lord, Don't Turn Your Child Away --Red River Blues --Knock Along Brother Rabbit --Oh Br'r Rabbit, Shake It --Steal Her, Golden Boy --Near The Cross --Tossed And Driven --I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say --Toasts --Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child --Going Walk Around In Jordan Tell The News --Dog Caught A Hog --Sermon On Job, Job --Soon One Mornin' --Jubilee --De Blood Done Sign My Name --The Angels Rolled The Stone Away --Join The Band --Got My Ticket --Where Was My Lord Born --Death Came A-Knockin' --God Don't Like It, No, No --Pauline --Climbing Up The Mountain To Jordan --Zachriah --The Handwriting On The Wall --I'm On My Way
  • Vol. 12: Waking-Up Song --Captain Got A Long Chain --Dock Cries --Lifting Oysters --When The Train Comes Along --Oh! I Thought I Heard The Wild Ox Moan --Calling Hogs --Boll Weevil Been Here --Railroad Wreck --Take This Hammer --Everywhere I Look This Morning --Walk Together, Children --I Feel The Spirit Moving --Georgia Land --Every Day Mail --Tin Can Alley --Nailed King Jesus Down --When The King Was In Trouble, He Seen The Handwriting On The Wall --The Tramp --Jesus Made May Just What I Am --All Night Long --Raise A Ruckus Tonight --Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? --Jonah --Oh Jesus, Let Me Ride --I'm Strivin' --In His Care --Ain't It A Shame --I'm A Pilgrim And A Stranger --Jesus Is My Aeroplane --Ezekiel Saw The Wheel --I'm A Royal Child --Motherless Children Sees A Hard Time --Everbody Troubled --When De Moon Go Down And Vanish Away
  • Vol. 1: Twas On A Monday --Oh Lawd, Don't 'Low Me To Beat 'Em --(The) New Buryin' Ground --Bitin' Spider --Can't You Line 'Em --Laying Rail Chant (1 & 2) --Have Children Of My Own --Po' Boy --Frankie And Johnny --Po' Farmer (Poor Farmers) --Shake It, Mama --John Henry --Freight Train Blues --Keep Away From The Bloodstained Banners --Tennessee Dog --Run Down, Eli --We Are Almost Down To The Shore --Jaybird (take 1) --Jaybird (take 2) --Corn-Shucking Time --Daddy, Where You Been So Long? --I Used To Work On The Tractor --Thought I Heard My Banjo Say --House Done Built Without Hands --Dis Ol' Hammer --Shines Like A Star In The Morning --Do, Lord, Remember Me --Poontang Little, Poontang Small --Oh The Lamb Of God Done Sanctified Me --I'll Go On --Rise, Run Along, Mourner --Oh Jesus, Let Me Ride --I'm Strivin' --Blues
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